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You have spent a significant amount of time and money to restore your bite with dental implants. The long-term success of your implants depends to a large part on the effectiveness of your daily cleaning routine. These guidelines wil help you maintain your implant- supported dental restorations:

1. Brush twice a day with a soft toothbrush, perferably a power- assisted toothbrush such as the Oral B 3-D plaque remover, Rota-Dent or Sonicare.

2. Floss DAILY, preferably using super floss or j&j Woven Floss dipped in Listerine, Perioguard or Peridex, whichever has been recommended, a gentle horizontal or sideways criss-cross technique may be more effective around implants than the classic flossing technique recommended around natural teeth.

3. Regular hygiene visits, usually every 3 to 4 months, are important. They allow us to monitor your home care. Periodic radiographs (x-rays) are nevessary to mo nitor the bone level around your implants.

4. Avoid Smoking as is has been shown, among other thingss, to decrease implant success.

5. Grinding or clenching can damage your implants, make sure the wire center is nylon coated. a non-ceated metal proxy brush may damage your implants.

7. If you have any discomfort, feel any swelling, notice bleeding gum tissue, or feel a change in your bite, please contact us.

8. Specific Recommendations: